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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  September 25, 2012 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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e. good morning, america. breaking right now. iran test-fires four missiles, saying they sunk their target in less than a minute, just 250 miles. as president obama prepares for a showdown against the iranian president this morning. the last-second hail mary pass on "monday night football" that had a game in chaos. one calling it a touchdown, the other waving it off. the incredible shrinking woman. an amazing transformation, inspiring so many right now. the woman determined to lose 100 pounds after her wedding, using store dressing rooms and her
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camera. how her mission could help us all. and -- ♪ what do you do after winning big at the emmys? sofia vergara danced all night in one sizzling celebration. what do the "modern family" stars do? they come to "gma." >> you're going to have a crazy week. well protected this morning. robin on medical leave. everyone else back. good to have amy robach here. check out twitter overnight. it seems like the whole country is buzzing about that blown call. there it is right there. it looks like an interception. but watch the refs come in. one says yes, one says no. and the whole country goes a little bit crazy, especially, josh, if you're living in
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wisconsin this morning. >> the packers nation, dying a slow death all over the again. it needs to be said, the game's too fast for the replacement refs. the rules not always known. for the integrity of the game, get the referees back on the field. >> wow. >> they reviewed this. they went back and watched the tape. >> yeah, they did. >> and they still made the call. >> we need to get real football refs to play. >> we have an editorial from josh elliott. we're going to begin with a lot of stuff today. of course. breaking news out of the world's most volatile strategic areas. iran claimed it has test-fired several missiles in the strait of hormuz, a key passage for some 20% of the world's oil. abc's martha raddatz watching all of it this morning. martha, if nothing else, the timing here is interesting, as the u.s. military has been conducting drills there. and iran's president is here in new york at the u.n. what should we make of all this?
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>> this is showmanship, pure and simple, josh. this exercise is clearly meant to tell the world, and especially israel and the u.s., that it has the power to close down that waterway and impact u.s. ships. the u.s. is conducting mine-sweeping exercises right now, about 250 miles from where these missiles were supposedly tested. this is surely in response to that. just yesterday, at the united nations, iran's president, ahmadinejad, told reporters, we have all of the defensive means at our disposal. and we are ready to defend ourselves. but while this may be just an exercise, it is significant nonetheless. it comes at an extremely tense time, with israel saying iran's nuclear program must be stopped. and urging the u.s. to take a tougher line. josh? >> all right, martha raddatz, in washington. thank you for that. now, to a developing story in southern california. at least 30 homes have been
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destroyed or damaged by this wildfire burning near san diego. one man has been killed. hundreds of other homes stand in the flames' path. the winds fanning the fire. we'll have updates as they become available. a major setback for homeowners who lost everything in hurricane katrina. a federal court says the army corps of engineers is not responsible for the damage caused by a main shipping channel. the corps cannot be sued for damages. if you use a discover credit card, you could be getting a refund. discover bank has agreed to pay back $200 million to settle accusations that it deceived customers into buying special add-on services. capital one bank settled a similar case in july. and for the first time in three months, gas prices going down. now, it stands at $3.81 per gallon. and discouraging news from the nation's classrooms. the s.a.t. reading scores of
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this year's graduating class was the lowest in four decades. only 43% were deemed fully prepared for college. and anyone who has ever been to new york knows there's no shortage of cabs, at least not at certain times of the day. that fact, though, apparently lost on these two fellas. rather aggressive businessmen, who decided to square off over the services of that cab. blows would be thrown. one puts the other, as you can see there, of a cartoonish head lock, before finally declaring defeat in the battle for the backseat. he decided discretion was the better part of valor, after doing this on a crowded nework street. >> 5:30 when it's raining. >> there's another one coming. there's another one coming. i don't think it's okay when it's raining, amy.
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>> maybe i've -- >> i know we have a lot more show to get to. iviewers today. we're going to turn to the race for the white house now. it's "your voice, your vote." all of the action in new york. president obama will address the united nations. both candidates will attend president clinton's global initiative. and the president and the first lady stopped by "the view." first, let's get to jake tapper and more on the president's u.n. speech. >> reporter: good morning, george. mitt romney and paul ryan will be kicking off a bus tour in ohio, to regain momentum in a state where they're trailing. but president obama will be at the united nations, telling the assembly of leaders that the united states will do what we must to prevent iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon. a senior administration official tells abc news this morning in new york city, in front of the united nations, president obama will reiterate the u.s. commitment to preventing iran from iracquiring a nuclear weap.
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and the u.s. will not shrink to justice, those who harm americans. sensing an opening, mtitt romne has been assailing the president for calling the situation bumps in the road. >> we had an ambassador assassinated. and iran is that much closer to building a nuclear weapon. >> reporter: the white house says the president was referring broadly to transformations in the region. >> there's a rather desperate attempt to grasp at words and phrases here, to find political advantage. and in this case, that's profoundly offensive. >> reporter: the romney campaign is also posting to a clip online about the president's "60 minutes" interview, about his campaign ad. >> do we see us going over the mistakes that are made or areas where there's no doubt that somebody could dispute how we are presenting things?
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you know, that happens in politics. >> reporter: the romney campaign calls that a reckless disregard for the truth. but the president is giving, as well as he gets. sitting down with the first lady to talk to the ladies of "the view," about mitt romney's tax returns and whether it's fair that romney pays a lower tax rate than somebody paying $50,000 a year. >> i think that's the way you get economic growth. i've got a different vision about how we grow an economy. i think, barbara, you grow an economy from the middle-out, not from the top-down. >> reporter: the president will, of course, have an international focus today at the u.n. the president will say, quote, we must affirm that our feature will be determined by people like former ambassador chris stevens and not by his killers. >> jake, thank you very much. i'm here with barbara walters for more on "the view" appearance by the president and first lady. airs later. >> at 11:00 today. >> and jake was talking about the killing of ambassador stevens in libya.
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>> we asked fun questions because the two of them were together. and that's rare. but then, we did. we asked about libya. >> we're still doing an investigation. there's no doubt that the kind of weapons that were used, the ongoing assault, that it wasn't just a mob action. now, we don't have all of the information yet. and so, we're still gathering it. but what's clear is, that around the world, you know, there's still a lot of threats out there. >> and the president, you know, he said you had lighter stuff, as well. the president seemed to mix politics and fun, when he talked about coaching his daughter's basketball team. >> the girls, they play like a team. i need to take some lessons from the vipers. they pass the ball off. they high-five each other. but they're doing great. >> i see him sitting next to the
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first lady. the president seemed in much better human than if you watch the "60 minutes" interview on sunday night. >> he's different with her. they've been on separately. he's funny. she says she's funnier. but he's very relaxed with her. they held hands throughout the interview. and he answers the serious questions. he's a little long-winded, george. and she will say, i'll vote for you. in other words, keep it shorter, honey. >> they had to reschedule their 20th anniversary celebration. >> it's the same night, october 3rd, as the debate. in the middle of the debate -- >> hard to break away. >> exactly. >> you have a big celebration, as well. happy birthday, barbara. >> i'm trying to ignore it. >> no. happy birthday. and of course, the president found out about it. and he brought you some stuff. >> thank you. thank you. you make it easier. he did. he brought me a present. you can see it.
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>> oh, a basket full. >> when i have -- on the occasions when i've been at the white house, i sometimes take a few things. like the paper napkin. like the towels. he brought me a whole basket full. real napkins. m&m's. beer. the white house has beer. and a golf ball. you want the golf ball? >> i'll take the golf ball. >> there you go. >> thanks, barbara. happy birthday. you can see the whole interview with the president and mrs. obama later today on "the view." 11:00 a.m. >> all right, george. happy birthday, barbara. and now, to the call that turned "monday night football" into monday night mayhem. the seattle seahawks defeating the packers on a last-second play that may be one of the biggest referee blunders of all-time. it has fans and players screaming to the nfl, to end the referee lockout. it was the call heard around the
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world. >> reporter: got that right. when nfl fans thought it couldn't get any worse, last night, a call to end the seahawks/packers game, that has everyone pointing the finger at the nfl saying, enough is enough. there were eight seconds on the clock. and jon gruden laid it on the line. >> a section of the end zone with as many seahawks as you can. get someone a chance. >> reporter: seahawks rookie quarterback, russell wilson, tossed up a hail mary. >> who has it? who did they give it to? touchdown. >> reporter: but look here. watch the two refs immediately giving mixed signals in the end zone. one calls it a touchdown. one says it isn't. >> for the life of me, i don't know how m.g. jennings doesn't have credit. >> it feels like a jennings interception. >> reporter: and after a further look. >> after further review, the call on the field stands.
7:13 am
touchdown. >> this is comical to me, really. that's two of the worst calls at the end of a football game i can remember. >> i agree with you, jon. when it impacts the end of a game and the outcome of a game, is this the impetus to change this lockout situation? we don't know. time will answer that. >> reporter: reaction was fast and furious. >> it was awful. look at the replay. >> i've never seen anything like that in all my years of football. >> reporter: clay matthews and wisconsin state senator, even posted roger goodell's phone numbers on facebook and twitter. and the uproar went viral. drew brees, the packers' next opponent, tweeted his solidarity. tonight's debacle hurts me greatly. goodell and the nfl are in negotiations with the referees union. but three weeks of chaos and controversy over calls on the field are taking their toll.
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sunday, pats' coach bill belichick grabbed a ref's arm, after another controversial call. the seahawks won the game, 14-12. the ending was -- the game wasn't over for another ten minutes. both teams called back from the locker rooms for the extra point. the nfl responded, telling players they have to respect the game. now, they're hearing the same thing directed at them. as josh said earlier, it's a case of integrity. >> at its height, more than 6,000 tweets a minute. >> it broke twitter. the glut was remarkable. now, for the latest troubles for american airlines. pilots in a bitter clash with the bankrupt company. and it's causing a rough ride for thousands of passengers. lisa stark is at reagan national airport. good morning, lisa. >> reporter: flyers are bracing for another tough day with american. on monday, only about half of the carrier's flights arrived
7:15 am
ontime. that's according to it's a dismal record. no reason to believe today will be much better. more troubles for american airlines after a turbulent week. the bankrupt company and its pilots locked in battle. passengers cght in the crossfire. >> it's not fair to people like us, who pay a lot of money to get on the flights. >> i can't show up because i'm over here. to them, i'm just a number. >> reporter: the company accuses the pilots of delaying flights, over minor repairs and of calling in sick. the union blames the company, for operating with too few pilots and too many aging planes. >> there's no doubt that american and its employees are at each other's throats right now. >> reporter: florida senator marco rubio's flight was delayed last friday. he tweeted, let's say this has not been the best week in american airlines' history.
7:16 am
one flight attendant reportedly getting on the intercom to announce. everyone turn their cell phones off. the pilot had to return to the gate for a new crew. a four-hour delay. what's a passenger to do? have a plan "b." >> know when your next flight option might be. ask american to put you on another airline, not just another american airlines flight. >> reporter: now, there is one small glimmer of hope. the company has reached out to the union to begin negotiations again. the union is thinking of its next move. george? >> let's hopefully it comes to pass. thanks, lisa. how small can you go when it comes to where you live? could you go as small as the size of a cubicle or a parking space? san francisco's board of supervisors is proposing big changes for living in little spaces. and it could lead to some of the tiniest apartments in the country. abc's cecilia vega has the story.
7:17 am
>> reporter: it is small. >> yes. >> reporter: it turns out, it opportunity take very long to tour a 150-square-foot home. >> it's also the pantry. >> reporter: slash pantry. slash kitchen. the kitchen is in the closet. slash bathroom. you can almost reach and grab something in the fridge. at's convenient. welcome home. a model home from berkeley, california, to be exact, where everything is almost in arm's reach. a home that is smaller than the average office cubicle. and about half the size of most parking spaces. >> reporter: my feet are in the kitchen and i'm sitting on my bed/couch. this may be the future of city living. san francisco is considering allowing some of the smallest apartments in the country. at 250-square-feet, there's only one way to describe it. >> teeny.
7:18 am
definitely not tiny. micro. >> reporter: other cities like new york have tried to go small, too. but it in some of the toughest real estate market, how much decides matters. >> this was the challenge for myself. >> reporter: the ultimate challenge in this house, it wasn't finding a place to work, relax or small asleep. where do i put all of my shoes? for "good morning america," cecilia vega, abc news, san francisco. >> put them in the oven. then, that would be spacious for you, josh. >> it would have to be a big oven. >> you couldn't stand up. >> i'd be home before i got home. i'd like to weigh in on the topic of the morning. i have to tell you, it's an interception. you have a problem. you have a tiny little problem, if i'm the one who has to tell you that. let's get to what's going on on the board.
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we look ahead with the drought forecast. drought will continue. this is our country's forecasters. they say that from kansas city, all the way to the west. the pattern will stay dry through the end of this year. here's where we have moisture popping up today, many places like cincinnati, louisville, indianapolis, pittsburgh. from louisville to paducah to st. louis, that would be strong to severe storms. and the chilly air continues. charleston, about 40 degrees. >> good morning.
7:20 am
jeras.cqui look as beautiful sky picture. you can see our beautiful .onditions from annapolis temperatures are 57 degrees. in d.c., 55. chilly 39 in culpeper. mostly sunny, a touch warmer. clouds moving in it tonight. >> tuesday trivia, brought to you by kellogg's. coming up on "gma," the man who did jail time for stalking a woman, now accused of killing her roommate years ago. he's representing himself in court. could he soon take the stand to testify about whether it was all for revenge? also, the hero cop who pushed a woman out of the way of an oncoming car just in time. we have their emotional reunion just ahead.
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>> live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. >> good morning. it is 7:26. it is thursday, august 2.
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i am brad bell. a parking rug is were closed while police conducted a search. president obama and republican romney will spend today in new york city. clintonl speak at the meeting.itiatives obama will address the general assembly while mitt speaks at an forum.on newschannel 8 will have more in depth report in a few minutes. theus get a check on commute. >> good morning. on the southwest westbound.crash and on 66, mostly volume delays of manassas. making your with your 270, a crashnd on
7:28 am
is close to getting for germantown to the spur. is our forecast? beautiful. last one.e clouds will be moving and tonight. showers by tomorrow. a beautiful and sunny. degrees at reagan national. out there.s 46 at dulles. forecast today, mostly sunny. warmer. to 7 the 5. 80 tomorrow but a chance of rain. we will be back at 7:56 with another news update. we will be back at 7:56 with another news update. i'm a professional stylist but ststing my friend's is my favorite. they all love the latest trends but none of them want to pay full price. they each have their own unique style, so t.j.maxx is a great place because they have such an incredible mix of designers for so much less than the department stores. when my friends feel beautiful i just feel like i scored.
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all right. there you go, guys. >> head on up here. >> wow. >> starting the season off with a bang. kirstie alley plants one on emmy winner, tom bergeron. the only thing that can make him speechless. one of the highlights of last night's debut of "dancing with the stars" all-stars. wasn't the competition fierce? robin on medical leave. >> i must have fallen asleep before that happened. also ahead, you could call her the incredibly shrinking woman. an amazing weight loss
7:31 am
transformation story. how she dropped 100 pounds and using a store dressing room for motivation. also, caught on tape. a real stunning moment. a hero cop pushed a woman out of the way. you see it right there. saved her life. this morning, we're going to have their emotional reunion. and get this. very controversial. a dad admitting he likes one of his kids better than the other. he's stirring up controversy on whether it's okay to play favorites. we're going inside the escalating debate. >> it's not okay. >> a lot of people have a lot to say. we'll get to it. right now, we're going to get to the bizarre murder trial in georgia, where a man who did jail time for stalking a woman is on trial for killing her roommate in 1995. steve osunsami has the latest from atlanta. >> there's are numerous occasions during the trial that
7:32 am
your voracity has been in strong question by me. strong. >> reporter: the judge in this georgia courtroom, close to losing her cool. and clearly fed up with waseem daker, the man on trial for a murder and acting as his own lawyer. >> you don't try cases by ambush. >> reporter: this would-be attorney is a convicted stalker, now accused of strangling flight attendant karen smith, as an act of revenge against her roommate. loretta black is still frightened all these years later. >> i would have clearly done things differently. but i can't. i can't. >> reporter: in court monday, prosecutors say when they finally arrested daker in 2009, they found rope, handcuffs, and how-to manuals with illustrations on how to get away without murder and kill without joy. >> if my advice in this book are
7:33 am
followed, no one will ever know. >> reporter: they say e-mails proved daker obtained the materials, for smith, and waiting all day for her 5-year-old son to come home from school and walk through the sliding, glass doors. nicholas smith was stabbed 22 times. >> i see when they ran past the room in my window. it was dark. and they were close. >> reporter: daker and prosecutors are fighting over new dna tests of hairs from the scene, that police say cracked the case and led to his arrest. >> which is more expensive? doing a dna test or sending a man to jail for life? >> reporter: he could soon start arguing his innocence, this afternoon. and he could testify while acting as his own lawyer. let's get more of this from dan abrams. you see it rarely. and it creates a strange dynamic in the courtroom. >> it's always a bad move for
7:34 am
someone to represent themselves. there's a famous line that says, anyone who represents themselves has a fool for a client. there's reason for that. part of it is what you saw there in the piece. some of the witnesses can attack the lawyer and say things like, well, when you were stalking me. there was another case, collin ferguson, a long island railroad shooter. he represented himself. and the witnesses called to the stand were shooting victims who would look at him and say, well, when you shot me. no, when the shooter -- no, when you shot me. >> and that's admissible. >> of course. it's admissible because he's the lawyer and he's the defendant. and it's a similar dynamic here because you have a stalking victim who's on the witness stand. he was convicted for stalking her. and she's now talking at him, not like a lawyer, but like the guy who did something terrible to her. >> the judge also seems to be getting pretty fed up with this guy. >> and they tend to do this. this is the problem when defendants in big cases.
7:35 am
not like a misdemeanor, but a murder case, represents themselves. they end up causing a mess. and you have frustrated judges, which doesn't help the defendant. you have problem after problem for this guy, in connection with this case. >> now, is it possible he's trying to set himself up for an appeal and uses the fact he was his own lawyer as a reason to do it? >> people try to say that. but this judge was real careful. they ask a lot of questions. they discourage him from doing this. but it is his right. it is his right to completely mess up his defense. and that doesn't mean that he can then use it on appeal, the fact he messed up his defense. the judge has to make sure that the person is psychologically sound, understands the issues, understands the choice that he's making. once that happens, someone has a legal right to represent him. >> he has a tough race with the dna evidence. >> they long suspected him that he was involved in this. but now, with the dna, they thought that was the final, final piece they needed to bring
7:36 am
this case to trial. >> dan abrams, thanks very much. now, to that jaw-dropping moment caught on tape. a texas police officer pushing a woman out of the way of an oncoming car just in the nick of time. this morning, they are both speaking out about what exactly happened. abc's ryan owens has the story. >> reporter: a week after officer phillip standefer pushed her out of the way of this oncoming car and saved her life, sara has trouble putting her gratitude into words. >> thank you doesn't cover it. >> reporter: it was the 19-year-old student, talking to officers about a fender-bender she just witnessed. watch as the dan, with an alleged drunk driver behind the wheel, blows into the police car. officer standefer grabs her and pushes her to safety. >> i knew she didn't see the car coming. so, i just moved. and got her out of the way.
7:37 am
>> reporter: in fact, while beaty was safe, the man who just saved her was actually pinned between those cars. >> i looked at my leg and saw it didn't look like it was pointing in the direction it should have been. >> i remember hitting the concrete and closing my eyes again because i wasn't sure if i was going to open them up. >> reporter: beaty escapes with just a few scrapes on her face. officer standefer's leg is still bruised. but he has nothing more serious than a few pulled muscles. >> my job is to serve and protect people. i'm humbled by the opportunity to do so. >> if he hadn't been there, i don't know what would have happened to me. >> reporter: a humble hero that nearly sacrificed himself to save a stranger. for "good morning america," ryan owens, abc news, dallas. >> they're so cute. i love that story. time, now, for the weather and sam champion. a humble hero over there. >> something wonderful happened yesterday, by the way. josh, you got this tweet. >> i did.
7:38 am
>> this is from a group of harvard, who put a group of students and folks on the stairs, with a sign that has team robin in the middle of it. colleges are rather competitive, aren't they? >> they are, indeed. >> they have sports programs and fight each other to see who wins. why don't we start a competition, if you're at a college, you get a sign together, with team robin. see how many people you can get together for this. >> and see yourself right here. we want to see fun, competitive and the right thing to do. >> we would put that on television. let's just say, if you were to do that and call it a college kind of competition. >> sporting competition. >> sporting competition. down comes the cold front. in comes cooler air on the west. we're going to get moisture in the air with that, as well. here's places that do not have a break in the heat. it's texas, into oklahoma. wichita, about 89 degrees. new orleans, still hot and steamy about 88. >> good morning. thisjacqui jeras on
7:39 am
beautiful tuesday morning. rain is in the forecast. temperature, 55 degrees at reagan national. stil >> all after that weather brought to you by volkswagen. >> thank you, sam. coming up, the incredible transformation, how one woman changed her life using a phone transformation, how one woman changed her life using a phone and a store dressing room. lone ♪ ♪ my life begins today ♪ ♪ fly by night away from here ♪ ♪ change my life again ♪ ♪ fly by night, goodbye my dear ♪ ♪ my ship isn't coming ♪ and i just can't pretend oww! ♪ [ male announcer ] careful, you're no longer invisible in a midsize sedan. the volkswagen passat. the 2012 motor trend car of the year. that's the power of german engineering.
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back, now, at 7:43. and i think amy, you'll be able to relate. trying on clothes in a draessin room, lighting not so great. you're about to meet a woman, an inspirational story, about losing weight and staying motivated. she documented all of it in the bright lights of a store fitting room. and the results are amazing. take a look. this was julia kozerski, right after her wedding day.
7:44 am
and remarkably, this is also julia kozerski, one year and 160 pounds later. >> it's unbelievable for me to think about where i am right now and think about who i was at that time. >> reporter: kozerski says she was inspired to make a lifestyle change after getting married. but it's how she chose to document her transformation that's inspiring other women. >> i decided to take the images, while i was in a fitting room. >> reporter: that's right. kozerski photographed each step of her weight loss in fitting rooms, a place women often confront their body issues head-on, staring into unflattering mirrors, under those harsh, harsh lights. >> the photos were something i could keep with me as a reference. i would flip through them and look at the picture and say, do i want to go backwards? go forwards? >> reporter: kozerski photographed her journey while studying art at the milwaukee institute of art and design. turning her loss into an art
7:45 am
project. an online exhibit called "changing room." where she explored her changing identity as her weight dropped. from casual wear, to ball gowns, even sexy cocktail dresses, kozerski captured herself in 200 different outfits. showing both physical and emotional changes she endured through the unfiltered lens of her smartphone. >> i made this work for myself personally. >> reporter: that all changed after she posted a shot of her stretch mark and posted it on the wall. >> i had an outpouring of support. my classmates wanted to know more. >> reporter: she says she hopes her personal weight loss journey will inspire others. >> it's about being happy with yourself, no matter what size, what weight you're at. >> reporter: really inspirational. and kozerski says she took the process, just ten pounds at a time. though she occasionally slips up, she uses the pictures to get back on track. we can do that, too.
7:46 am
i love that story. you know what i love? josh, the fact that you're back and doing "play of the day." i hear it's out of this world. ding, ding. we'll have that coming up. and playing favorites. a dad sparking big debate by admitting he likes one child better than another. no. we'll explain, coming up on "good morning america." in your career.want to d how do you get from here... to here? at university of phoenix we're moving career planning forward so you can start figuring that out sooner. in fact, by thinking about where you want your education to lead, while you're still in school, you might find the best route leads somewhere you weren't even looking. let's get to work. like the elephant on my chest... he thought he was having a heart attack. she said, "take an aspirin, we need to go to the hospital." i'm on a bayer aspirin regimen. [ male announcer ] be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. i'm very grateful to be alive. aspirin really made a difference.
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7:50 am
here's "the play of the day." >> we have to get right to it. lara, that is a lovely chartreuse top you have on. >> thank you. >> look at this. this is a great story. a father and son bonding experience. run in the sun, an art project. they sent the 4-year-old boy's train off to the heavens. with a weather balloon and hd camera. and then, edited it. >> i love it. and that's the view of planet earth, 18 miles into the sky,
7:51 am
before the balloon popped. >> that's real. >> they found it about 27 miles from where it had gone up, with the gps technology, as it plummets back down to earth. it's fair to say, that 4-year-old son has an experience and a toy train he will never forget. oh. that's great. >> i love it. >> yes. ty burrell, "modern family" week kicks off. big feats in college football. okay, superfan. which college football team has the most total wins in history? go, now, to on yahoo! to find out and to discuss what on yahoo! to find out and to discuss what makes your favorite team great. why theyays there to talk. i love you, james. don't you love me? i'm a robot. i know. i know you're a robot! but there's more in you than just circuits and wires! uhhh. (cries)
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your share of obama's debt is over 50 thousand dollars, and it grows every day. obama's policies are making it harder on women. the poverty rate for women -- the highest in 17 years. more women are unemplompd under president obama. more than five and a half miion women can't find work. that's what obama's policies have done for women. welcome, daughter. [ romney ] i'm mitt romney and i approve this message.
7:56 am
coming up, ty burrell and "modern family" takes over "gma." go nowhere. >> live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. >> good morning. it is 7:56. i am brad bell. there will be a ceremony today t of greyhoundar service at union station. start serving union station tomorrow. the terminal was sold last year. in the firestorm of the nfl officials was on display at the game last night. away with a victory
7:57 am
r an interception on the -- it was ruled to be a touchdown. news channel 8 will have an in- theh report at the top of hour. out what is on the road. >> good morning. we start with our metro note. blue and orange line riders -- there single tracking on between orange lines and federalet center. youris when to impact drive with delays. your drive is being impacted crash on the bw parkway southbound at powder mill road. blocking the left lane. the beltway in montgomery county. the innerme delays on making your way georgia avenue. on therdana from 95 loop. get a check on our forecast. major sunshine out there. cloud in the sky. is too late. want a sweater or
7:58 am
paired temperatures the forties. we will warm up today. sunny. warmer. tonight and a f rain a tomorrow. stick with us for much the seven-day forecast. >> thank you for watching. another news update at 8:27. another news update i'm barack obama, and i approve this message. christie: i do the laundry, i pay the bills, i make sure my kids are fed and rested and healthy. female vo: moms like christie would be stretched even more under mitt romney. to fund his tax cuts for millionaires, romney could take away middle class deductions for child care, home mortgages, and colle tuition. christie: mitt romney, he's so focused on big business and tax cuts for the wealthy... it seems like hianswers to middle-class america are just...tough...tough luck. from this west virginia casino. they want marylanders to keep coming to west virginia... casinos like theirs.
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8:00 am
good morning, america. i have some very exciting news for you. your days this week, are about to get crazy. crazy. crazy. because guess what. "modern family" is invading this joint. and guess who the first guest is. let me put on my best announcer voice. and ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the stage now, my very modern friend, mr. -- what's his first name again? ty burrell. is it ty? hi ty-ty.
8:01 am
ty burrell. >> there he is right now, making his way into times square studio. >> how are you? >> boy, they swept the emmys on sunday. high-fives on his way here. almost looks excited about it. and there he is, right there. >> the invasion begins. >> good morning. i feel like with that much of a run-up, i should have been able to generate more speed. i'm really very slow. >> hi. welcome. and welcome to amy robach. >> whoa. >> thank you, ty. >> good morning. >> no big deal. have a seat. >> hello. >> congratulations on everything, by the way. >> thank you. >> we loved seeing you after you won as a team. and have a lot of gold between you now. >> yeah. it was crazy and unexpected.
8:02 am
i think we're all just waiting for the hate. >> not here this morning. >> the blowback. it was really fun. it's been great. >> and unless you've been living under a rock, i think everyone knows you play phil dunphy, the coolest uncool dad on the planet. and who could forget your "high school musical" takeoff. we should mention josh did a rip on your takeoff. i thought you did a great job. >> there we are. right. thank you. >> oh. >> how's it looking? >> it's looking clear that you're winning. >> not even close. you owned that last move right there. yeah. i just couldn't. >> i think the reason being is that i am that much of an idiot. you're just playing that much of an idiot. >> i'll take it, ty. >> thank you. >> welcome. >> thank you for having me.
8:03 am
>> we could talk about "modern family" oall morning. we want to get to a dad that admits to playing favorites. he is a daddy blogger. and he admits he likes one kid better than the other. >> that would be some "modern family" episode, huh? >> i think it's happened. yeah. that's every week. >> of course, it is. i don't know if you saw last night. but a sizzling night in the ballroom, "dancing with the stars," the fierce competition on the all-star show. emmitt smith at the top of the leaderboard right now. everybody was great. wendy williams is going to be here to break it down for us. >> how are you doing? first, we get to josh elliott. >> we're going to start. it's a big story this morning. a show of force by iran. the country claims to have test-fired four missiles near the strait of hormuz, a key shipping lane for some 20% of
8:04 am
the world's oil supply. that's just 250 miles from where the u.s. military's been conducting exercises. president obama addressing the united nations today, reaffirming his commitment to prevent iran from getting a nuclear weapon. saying that the u.s. will do what it must, end quote. he is calling on leaders in the middle east, to stem the violence, from that anti-muslim movie produced in california. mitt romney is accusing the president of playing down the turmoil in the middle east. he and running mate paul ryan will begin a tour of ohio today. and the commissioner of the nfl is coming under intense pressure now to end the league's labor dispute with the referees, after a controversial last night packers/seahawks game. the refs ruled different on this touchdown catch. it was reviewed and upheld. packers fans, packer nation, everyone watching, broke twitter and weighed in, believing this
8:05 am
to be an interception. and it was. much explanation still required. a disturbing report on discrimination on women. science professors at six top universities. they found the professors widely regarded female undergraduates as less competent, even if they have the same accomplishments as the men. and the women were less likely to be offered jobs. the report called the bias pervasive. and troubling use this morning, actress bonnie franklin has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. she starred on "one day at a time," as ann romano. franklin is 68 years old. her family says she is staying positive. financial news today. get ready to pay more for the morning breakfast. the drought and rising feed costs is leading to a shortage of pork products. and here's diane sawyer with a preview of tonight's "world
8:06 am
news." diane? >> josh, great to have you back. great to talk to you again. and here's the question tonight. are you losing tens of thousands of dollars? is your bank telling you how much your home is really worth? we're going to show you how to get that money back. and it is real money. coming up tonight on "world news." see you then. >> all right, diane. we'll be watching. that's a look at the headlines, guys. >> thank you. ty, you know "pop news" right? >> "pop news"? >> everything you need to know. we begin we saying wooer so glad it's "modern family" week. we know you know how to have a good time. your co-star, sofia vergara, boy, did she look stunning at the emmys. there was almost a problem, as you probably know, ty. moments before you all won for best comedy, she had a little situation. the zipper busted open on her
8:07 am
gown. and her emergency team had to sew her back into the dress. she made it just in the nick of time to get up on that stage and shake her groove thing with you all to celebrate. and later, she did thank her wardrobe team on twitter and made it, to the hbo emmy after-party. they did a good job securing her back into that gown. she brought 19 family members to that party? >> yeah. almost broke the 20 barrier. >> and she tweeted, this is how colombians party, with three ys, at the emmys. >> she showed me the photo of the split. >> yeah. we saw that. >> and there's no discernible difference from her cleavage. >> i know. >> i was confused. >> it was a lovely dress. really lovely dress. what's the problem? >> you can say that. we can't. and we thank you. keep it up. >> she would say it, too.
8:08 am
she is awesome. all out there. yeah. >> not necessarily 8:00 a.m. friendly. >> yeah. in other news, some stars display their emmy statues in their living room, but tom hanks? nope. he used gaffer's tape to put his on his limo. he tweeted a display of him doing it. he promised he would. that's how he drove out of the emmys. rita posted a shot of the couple saying, i think tom hanks and i will make out in the backseat of this car on the way to the emmys. >> that's a photo. >> cute, right? we love them. we love you, tom hanks. finally, this is for everybody who stayed up late watching the emmys. we at "good morning america," you know, understand get up very, very early. we appreciate the power of the power nap. 20 minutes a day increases productivity by up to 30%.
8:09 am
we can grab one anytime thanks to this. >> this the greatest thing of all-time. >> this is called the ostrich pillow. go ahead, josh. give you a little privacy in public, so you can unwind and sleep. >> you are learning, ty. >> you put it over your head. there's breathing holes. and the holes on the top of your head is so you can put your hands in it. >> why would i put my hands in? >> for like the norman rockwell? >> you can take a nap. this is a new study -- >> look at what a little sleep deprivation will do to you guys? >> where do they come up with the engineering for the hand, as if that's how people take naps normally. put in holes for the way we nap, like this. >> ty, this is a follow-up-free zone. >> the ostrich pillow is
8:10 am
available online, ty. and the makers are open to all questions. you can go to the makers of the ostrich pillow. that is "pop news" for this tuesday. >> you escaped at a good time today. the television gods were smiling upon me. i had to get outside to the crowd. good morning, times square. how are you all? how are you doing? >> i'm wonderful. how are you? >> i'm wonderful now. you just made my whole morning with that. let's get to the boards. one or two things we thought we would start with. duluth is where we get the pictures from. it's kind of nice. take a deep breath in. look at the color moving through. we know that after cool morning temperatures, the temperatures are going to rebound. summer continues in the deep south. just the way i like it. memphis to new orleans. dallas, you're in the 90s. i know you need late bit of >> good morning.
8:11 am
jeras on this beautiful sunny morning. it is clear to the best day of the week. going to be are changing. to see some clouds and rain. 56 right now at reagan national. 50 at the dallas. 46 in gaithersburg. beautiful. 70 to times square is excited that lara and josh are here. >> trying to get ahead of the ast ridge pillow. ahead on "gma," playing favorites. the controversial dad who says he likes one child better than his other. plus, ty burrell is with us from "modern family." stay right there. [ male announcer ] imagine facing the day
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8:17 am
and it's stirring up a lot of controversy. take a look. >> why do you go to jan all the time? >> reporter: sibling rivalry has long been lampooned in classic tv shows like "the brady bunch." but what happens when a parent says he likes one child more than the other. a father has done just that. writing a blog saying he favors one son over the other. in the post, he said, if i were to be absolutely honest, my older son is my favorite of the two. he and aare adventurous partners in crime. and i can't imagine life without him. bishop admits in a follow-up post, to me, he's more fun. i don't love either of my sons more than the other. but i do like them differently. i'd be willing to bet you're the same. he posted this video, saying it pinpoints the exact moment he fell in love with 5-year-old zacharie, then-2. >> for me to take that language and call him my favorite, he's just the one i relate to easier.
8:18 am
and if that means he's my favorite, and those are the -- that's the language, i don't think that's too evil. >> there's a maturity factor you hope that all fathers have. and that goes beyond the line. >> reporter: online, the reaction was swift and brutal. that favorite kid thing can go a long way. but some people understand where bishop's coming from. >> there is some truth to what he says, i think all parents sort of favor one. >> reporter: child psychologist, dr. jamie howard, says outward displays of favoritism could have ramifications as they grow. >> it could be more difficult for kids if they got this notion that they're not as likable. >> reporter: but bishop stands by his blog post.
8:19 am
>> it's something we have inside. i'm honest when i write. i wrote about that moment and the struggle i have. and told the story about my kid. >> i'm going to go with honesty is not always the best policy on that one. george and lara, i throw it back over to you. we're over here now. "dancing with the stars" time. all-star season kicked off last night. you could tell from the stars that this is going to be one fierce competition. it's full of mirrorball winners and finalists. here to give us a wrap-up of last night, wendy williams. how about emmitt smith last night in top of the leaderboard. >> he was born to dance. i liked his costume. he just glides. i see him as, perhaps, taking it all the way. >> and we liked the bracelets. >> the judges are tough this season. you can't get to the top of the leaderboard by having a sexy body or wearing a team robin. you have to show your skills.
8:20 am
>> every, single time. >> yes. do you like that idea of the half-points? do you think it helps or hurts the contestants? >> i think it helps the contestants. the half-point is good. >> i think we're going to see less high scores, though. there's a big difference between an 8 1/2 and a 9. now, they have that option. >> i like it. >> are you willing to tell us who you're rooting for? >> secretly, i will always be rooting for kirstie and maksim. but they won't win. they won't place in the top five. popularity is not going to win this time. >> last night didn't help? >> not even pamela anderson's sexy body helped. she will be eliminated next week. they're not going for it. apolo, in the top three. shawn, the gymnast. >> how about the fan favorite?
8:21 am
>> sabrina in the top five. and emmitt, of course. >> when it comes to chemistry, that real sexual thing, who has the most? >> maks and kirstie. did they or didn't they? have they? haven't they? they are too sexy. are you kidding me? >> i agree with that. as they said, they would have tore each other apart if they actually got together. >> i think they're sexy. >> i do, too. if you heard, there's something going on there. >> exactly. >> not saying that it's that going on. but there's this thing. this anger, bubbling over. >> it's a lot there. >> yeah. i think you said it, pamela anderson goes home tonight? >> she's going home tonight. no chemistry with the partner. she was a little stiff dancing. look who is talking. but i am. >> wendy williams, big predictions. we want to hear from you. go to and
8:22 am
tell us who you think is leaving tonight. at 8:00, 7:00 central right here on abc. now, it's time for josh and "modern family" week. >> "modern family" week has begun here on "gma." happy to have ty burrell and the favorite tv family kicking off a brand-new season on wednesday. and days after a multiple emmy triumph. five awards left the stage in the hands of you and your cast mates. it's great to have you here. we'll talk about your movie, "butter" coming up. but about that night, sunday night. you started the show off with such a bang. so many individual awards. and then, to end it, best comedy. how does it feel when everybody gets to join in the fun? >> that's the most fun because we do kind of consider ourselves a weird sort of family. you know? a fake family. and for all of us to be up there at the same time, it's a lot of fun. especially for the writers who are the reason we're still
8:23 am
employed. >> and brilliantly so. >> they're amazing. >> and talking to steve, he said, i love to give them forever i can because they pull it off. your work wife, julie bowen. what a beautiful and heartfelt speech she delivered. >> well, that's her. you could tell that she wasn't expecting it because she's a humble person. you know? she wasn't -- she was kind of like taken offguard. and that's her nature. she's a good, humble person. >> and beautiful. great to celebrate it with you guys, afterwards, seeing you all together. i want to get to this clip of the new season. you, obviously, always trying to connect with jay, your father-in-law. and here, you're trying to surprise him with a fishing trip in classic phil fashion. let's take a look. >> put me back in the trunk. >> you're almost there. >> whoa. >> jay? jay?
8:24 am
>> somebody help me. >> i would. but these pants are cashmere. >> i got you, jay. >> you have to calm him down. >> don't punch him in the head. >> i'm going to save you. >> it's like i'm being waterboarded. >> you're making me do this. >> get this thing off of me. >> happy birthday. >> we're taking you fishing. >> i do that for a living. i do that for a living. >> to that point, we have compiled some of the great pratfalls in phil's history. were you aware of the degree and the prevalence that physical comedy it was going to require? >> i have always loved it. it's the simplist form of comedy, good and bad. i always loved doing it. it's been fun to be able to do it every day. >> is it a lot of multiple
8:25 am
takes? >> it depends. it depends. rarely is it one, which usually leaves me kind of sore. rarely injured. but always sore. yeah. like getting 10 to 15 takes of jumping on the hood of the car, is not good for, you know, older fella. >> never good for the older fella. lightning round. we've seen the "high school musical." you're much better at it than i am. i want to know about the cast. who is most likely to get a speeding ticket? >> not me. i'm the slowest, oldest man driver on earth. >> most likely to miss a mane? >> i'm going to say sofia. she's used to flying private. she doesn't -- >> and she rolls with 19 family members. that's a lot of security. i can't imagine there's one to pick. but a class clown on that set? >> i'm going to say jesse, actually. jesse has, like an unbelievable amount of bits that he does
8:26 am
throughout the day. >> and who cannot compose themselves during scenes? >> who laughs the most? >> to break a scene. >> also jesse. also jesse. >> jesse. i'm going to ask you who is most likely to be injured in the course of shooting an episode. i think we have the results. >> yes. >> it's overwhelmingly you. >> yes. >> we appreciate you being here. new movie "butter," is terrific. we'll be talking about it in a few minutes. don't hurt yourself crossing the street. all right. ty burrell. it's "modern family," wednesday, 9:00, 8:00 central. go nowhere.
8:27 am
>> live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. >> good morning. it is 8:27. i am brad bell. pepco union workers expected to if they willeek job for the first in nearly 30 years. nearly 1200 electricians and others are set to vote on a proposal tomorrow. the deal is rejected, pepco face the first strike since 1985. obama and gop nominee romney will each spend the city, both men week of the global annual meeting. obama will address the general assembly. romney will speak and an education policy forum.
8:28 am
news channel 8 has an in-depth report in a few minutes. r with a checkoste traffic. >> think. good morning. we are looking at major delays freeway.acostia to the 11thay street bridge. an accident is blocking our lane. on at 270, within the heavy congestion we of an accident just passed shady grove road. delays there. if you are traveling on virginia, northbound 95 per del lorton, once you reach solid backup between the beltway and the 14th street bridge. it looks so good. not get better than this. n arlington during themperatures will be in afternoon. is the last picture-perfect day before the clouds and the rain finally arrived. 52 in gaithersburg. still chilly in culpeper. was 39 this morning geared
8:29 am
sunny. a touch warmer. 80s tomorrow. showers arrive. >> thank you for watching. news update another at 8:56. see you then.
8:30 am
[ cheers and applause ] great crowd out here for "modern family" week. great to have amy robach with us. also great to have ty burrell with us. >> thank you for having me. >> and you are just working it right now. you have a new movie coming out october 5th. "butter." >> it's a smart, funny, big ensemble comedy, set in the world of butter carving, which i didn't know was a world. >> you're a champion butter carver now? >> yeah. they give us some training. but it's real fun. it's a subculture in the midwest. it's a huge competition. >> and the cost put together for
8:31 am
this is fantastic. >> big, wonderful group. >> hugh jackman, jennifer garner, really great. >> it is a lot of fun. >> called "butter," out on october 5th. it's out on demand right now. >> you are fantastic. we have another one of your co-hosts here tomorrow. and sam is here to make the big reveal. who is it, sam? >> i would have done it in butter, if we could have. >> whoa. >> there's my fake wife. my fake wife, julie bowen. >> that's right. >> i'll even hold her. >> there you go. >> i will embrace her. >> that's great. and how great was she at the emmys? what a speech. also in the house, or the square here, rocco dispirito, in the kitchen. meatballs and it's momma's own meatballs. how delicious are those, lara? >> meatballs coming.
8:32 am
but first, love having you. the butter thing, i'm fascinated by. vanessa williams is over here. >> hi. hi, my darling. >> happy to see you. >> happy to see you, too. >> we're all really excited about "666 park avenue." >> finally. >> sounds like a gorgeous address to live at. but i'm guessing it costs you more than money to have your sanity, maybe even your life. vanessa williams will play a spooky role, the gal befell in love with on "ugly betty" and "desperate housewives." this is a fun role for you, i would guess. >> i don't want to scare people off with the genre. there are horror elements. but it's a drama. and i think people will be invested in the families and the lives of the people who live at the drake, at 666 park avenue. the upper east side. it's a world of ambition. it's a world of essential wallty
8:33 am
and seduction. there's a lot more than just blood and guts. >> and quinn. >> he's phenomenal. >> i can't decide, the promos for this look really -- i don't know. as you say, seductive. he's a little spooky. but sexy. >> yeah. >> you guys play -- you run the show. >> olivia and gavin. we're moguls on the upper east side in new york. it's nice to be back in that world. wilhelmina, that was her gig. and this is back in the neighborhood. >> it's hard to get an apartment on park avenue. but here, it might cost -- yeah. >> is it the kind of -- sell your soul to the devil type stuff? >> he's not actually the devil. but the actual building does have some powers. >> it does? >> yeah. you have to watch out. >> what is it like for you two, having such known characters on other shows. he from "lost," you as wilhelmina from "ugly betty."
8:34 am
>> i said yes to the project. i read a bunch for pilot season. when i read this and read how exciting it was and knew he was going to be my husband, i said, sign me up. and even though the genre is scary, we have the most relaxed time on set. gary always has a guitar. we're always singing. >> i want the outtakes on that. >> we'll have to screen them or something. >> you haven't seen it. the clothing looks fabulous. very glamorous. you look gorgeous. and you have a little side business. >> i was here about a month ago. it's doing really well. >> how do you like being a beauty mogul? >> it's exhausting. >> if you want to look like vanessa williams, you can get it online. >> absolutely. >> we can't wait. tell us when we can watch. >> sunday night, 10:00.
8:35 am
>> right here on abc. my friend, vanessa williams. sing for us any day. first, sam? >> who is more gorgeous than vanessa williams? who is? we're standing here looking at her, going she is drop-dead gorgeous. good morning, everybody. hey, where's mother of sam? come here. come here. >> sam is here. >> where is grandparents of sam? >> grandparents are still in the room thinking they can't get on tv. >> we're not going to get up because we can't get right next to "gma." guess what? sam's here. we made it. you didn't have to stay in bed. you could come right here. let's get to the boards. we want to start with the twitter and facebook pictures everywhere this morning. cape may, new jersey. gorgeous shot. la crosse, wisconsin, with the beautiful sky this morning. this front doesn't get too far to the south. it stalls. there's going to be good, heavy showers with it. in the red spots, two to three inches of rain.
8:36 am
that's good news for the country that's in some form of drought. atlanta, in 81 degrees. oklahoma gets that, as well. a little cooler by the time you get to the west coast. phoenix, you're showing up 99 degrees. lara spencer, sneaking around. morning. jeras.cqui 66, but wetart of the week,e started at 54. warming u >> all that weather was brought to you by track phone. josh? >> oh, sam. we're just coming off of our emmy awards ride. we want to share another set of awards close to our hearts. they're the real awards. they honor health care workers at home and around the world, for all of the great and unheralded work they do, in difficult and dangerous
8:37 am
conditions. and the campaign director for save the children awards, mary beth powers is here to explain it all. the real awards. what are we talking about? >> around the world, we're missing many health workers. 5 million health workers on the front lines of care. we're trying to honor health workers in this country, as well as health workers around the world. >> you hear 5 million. that's a staggering number. how can people get involved? >> we'd love people to go to the website and nominate a health worker who has made a difference in your life. it could be the labor and delivery room nurse or hospice worker that worked with a parent. >> it's an organization that's phenomenal, as well. save the children, it does wonderful work all around the world. but how do these awards tie in with the mission of save the children? >> well, there's no way we could save children without held workers around the world. that's why save the children are partners.
8:38 am
they came together to put together this way to honor american health workers and health workers around the world. >> it's the logon for information. and logon to on yahoo! mary beth powers, thanks so much. phenomenal work you're doing. coming up, caroline kennedy i'm barack obama, and i approve this messasage. christie: i do the laundry, i pay the bills, i make sure my kids are fed and rest and healthy.
8:39 am
female vo: moms like christie would be stretched even more under mitt romney. to fund his tax cuts for millionaires, romney could take away middle class deductions for child care, home mortgages, and college tuition. christie: mitt romney, he's so focused on big business and tax cuts for the wealthy... it seems like his answers to middle-class america are just...tough...tough luck.
8:40 am
8:41 am
we're marking the 50th anniversary of the kennedy presidency. as part of that, the jfk library is releasing secret white house recordings to eavesdrop on the biggest issues. from civil rights to vietnam. and we hear president kennedy's first meeting on the cuban missile crisis. >> how far advanced is this? >> sir, we've never seen this kind of installation before. >> not even in the soviet union? >> no, sir. >> it accompanies a new book,
8:42 am
"listening in: the secret white house recordings of john f. kennedy." your father was taping after the bay of pigs crisis. what was he trying to do? >> he would have used it to draw on for his own memoir. i think people in the short-term, he really felt the advice he got from the military during the bay of pigs was poor. >> that he had been burned. >> he had been burned. and everybody said, they hadn't said it. he wanted it, you know, an accurate record. and to keep people honest. >> what's so fascinating about the tapes when you listen, these are real conversations, the shorthand, that presidents and their advisers use. and you get a chance to see a presidency at work. >> i think it's an incredible window. we want to be a fly in the oval office. and here, you really get this.
8:43 am
we know what happened. when you're reading or listening to this, they don't know how it's going to turn out. you get the raw emotion of these decisions. and it's incredibly dramatic. >> it truly is. as you were, as a very young girl, a fly on the wall. i hope you have the picture. it shows you playing under the president's desk. and you write about in the forward about doing that. here's a snippet when you walk in on the president. >> you know what? i won't let you do much. >> oh, okay. >> you're laughing there. but one of the things that's amazing, you can't remember that moment. but here's the president on the one moment, talking about the cuban missile crisis, boom, complete switching of gears. >> people with kids, keep you grounded. he felt that the cuban missile crisis, he talked about it, his obligation was to keep all of us safe. i think that probably, you know, you see him as a father. that's a wonderful balance. >> and you write a little bit
8:44 am
about playing under the desk. making little toys. >> necklaces. from construction paper. >> that's right. did hearing the recordings bring back anything else? or was it just too long ago? >> the recordings themselves, not so much. but it's just -- it does bring it to life, that sort of being in the moment. and i didn't realize that i was being ushered out. i thought that was the big moment of his day, the big moment of mine. >> it was. >> we have one other tape we want to play a snippet of. this was a dinner the president had with journalists right after he announced he was running for president. and it's a fascinating transfer. he's open about his ambitions. and the meaning of the presidency. >> is being president the ultimate of everybody who goes into politics? >> well, in the sense that being, i guess head of whatever organization you're in. i suppose. but the most important is the fact that this president, today, is the seat of all power.
8:45 am
>> that dinner, he was very open about his vulnerability. called himself a physical wreck at the time. >> i think it's so interesting because, he talks about how relatively simple the problems were. and how frustrating it was to be in the senate, where you can work so hard and something could happen and all that went for not. and the presidency was really the place you could get things done. and bring change. and it's this era that is one of tremendous change. similar to what we have now. what he realizes, you're talking about the kind of person and the kind of judgment. >> that's what i want to get to. we're never going to have tapes like this again. >> right. >> after watergate, there's no more tapes at all. this is one of the few ways that people can get a sense of how a president handles things, coming to them all day long. >> and how many different kinds of things are coming at them all day long. big, small, you know, how they
8:46 am
manage to maintain their sense of balance. >> it's a fascinated look in. caroline kennedy, thank you very much. we'll be right back with rocco dispirito.
8:47 am
8:48 am
well, welcome back, everyone. we love italian food. and we love rocco dispirito. >> thank you. >> his new cookbook, "eat this italian." a fraction of the fat and calories but all of the flavor is retained. >> all the flavor and then some. how about these kids down here? >> too much coffee. >> if we don't hurry, there won't be anything left.
8:49 am
let's start with your momma's meatballs. >> they've been amended. my mom's meatballs are amazing. you all know. >> they're 250 calories each. >> what are you doing here? >> now, they're only 45 calories each. >> i like that. >> i'm making a sauce. marinara sauce. garlic, onion, a little bit of spray stuff. >> tomato paste, puree and chopped tomatoes. in here, i have onions, garlic, parsl parsley, chicken stock. i make a slurry. and i put the slurry inside the meat mix. >> and the meat mix is different? >> i use turkey instead of veal. we don't want to hurt the calfs. and lean pork and beef. and eggplants. >> charred on the grill? >> cut in half. on the broiler.
8:50 am
>> what is that? >> this is breakfast cereal. something you don't have enough for. this is puffed. it goes in there. you mix it up. >> and it gives you what? the texture? >> it replaces the texture of meat with only a fraction of the calories. >> that's why they're 45 calories. your meatballs, saute them. >> i've been working diligently over here. >> no olive oil? just cooking spray? >> i reduced the use of olive oil in this book. we didn't need all that fat. you watch us cook on tv. and they're hosing down the table with olive oil. you can't do that at home. they cook. they go into the sauce we made. >> how long are they cooking? >> 30 seconds a side. lots of questions for me this morning. >> i have a big question for you. that pizza looks like it's a lot more calories.
8:51 am
>> there were ten more pieces about 30 seconds ago. i don't know where they are. >> it's now in their stomachs. >> it's only about 670 calories a slice. >> why? >> is it the mozzarella you use? >> it happens to be the lowest mozzarella. as long as it's fresh. and then, my favorite recipe is this magic trick called instant italian ice. you take frozen strawberries and stevia. >> stevia's a natural sweetener. it is something you can take. you find it. >> it's like the newest sweet blend thing. >> it's 100% natural. >> and the kids like it? >> look at lara. >> i have everything. >> that's a big plate of it. >> you left some for me. thanks so much. >> you have to taste a meatball.
8:52 am
>> those are great. >> i love hearing that it's low-cal. >> you do really need to worry. >> i know. >> i've known lara for 20 -- no. ten years. she has always looked this good. trust me. this is 50 calories. it used to be 300. >> everyone, this tastes great and is good for the waistline. you can get the recipes for these dishes at on yahoo! something i can finally eat. we'll be right back.
8:53 am
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8:55 am
boy, getting a nice char on the meatballs, rocco. thank you for coming in. >> do you like them in. >> i love them. "modern family" week will continue tomorrow. julie bowen live tomorrow. you don't want to miss that. >> that's right. we have the exclusive interview with j.k. rowling from harry potter with her first adult book.
8:56 am
>> and the first couple booted from "dancing with the stars," the all-star edition. >> we heard what wendy williams had to say about that. your predictions, on yahoo! >> what's going on over there? >> the ostrich pillow makes another appearance. >> that's ghastly. thanks for watching. only five more. that means three. >> four seconds, guys.
8:57 am
>> live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. >> good morning. is 8:56. public roundtable will be held on a public flooding in the bloomingdale. the hearing will be discussed prevention and assistance. at 2:00 p.m. at the wilson building. look at this video. an unusual sight outside of an elementary school in silver spring. for the last several evenings, birds have been flying into the schools to me. they are expected to leave cooler.he weather gets is angela foster. >> thank you. good morning. tough out there. according to loudoun county your lanes are shut another crash. it one ofking at heavy spoke traffic on 66. toward the beltway.
8:58 am
delays eastbound from 50 to 123. the dulles connector to sycamore street. maryland, southbound congestions. how was the tuesday forecast? >> the best day of the week. day of the week as well. as we take a look at - beautiful, clear skies in arlington. degrees. >> thank you for watching. we will be back at noon. "live with kelly" is next. [ romney ] my plan is to help the middle class.
8:59 am
trade has to work for america. thameans crack down on cheaters like china, it means open up new markets. next, we've got to balance the budget. you've got to cut the deficit. you've got to stop spending more money than we take in. and finally, champion small business. have tax policies, regulations, and healthcare policies that help small business. we put those in place; we'll add twelve million new jobs in four years. i'm mitt romney and i approve this message.


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